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5.0 Beta 104

for Windows by Florian Rival


You are about to learn how to download GDevelop for free. Why pay for something that you can download, right? Unfortunately there are some developers out there that will try to get you to pay for their free versions of their software. These people will offer you a trial period and then you will have to pay when the trial is over or even when the software has already been downloaded. The only time you should ever pay for the software is if the developer refuses to let you download the software. Otherwise you can get the same software from other sources and download it for free.

If you go about downloading the software to get it for free, it will be very difficult to download the application as a virus. This is because the application will come with a virus checker. This will allow you to know if the application will be able to infect your computer and bring down your entire system. Make sure you have this checked before you begin downloading anything else. This is how I downloaded GDevelop and the trial for free. It was easy to download the software. I just clicked on the link that was provided by the developer, added my application key and then added my email address.

After the download I was prompted to add the key so I just did that. When I was prompted for my email address, I figured that since I already had one I didn't have to add another email address. After that it was just a matter of clicking the download button. Once the application was downloaded I went into the settings menu and changed my user password. Now, when the application is installed and running on my computer I am very confident that my computer is secure.

by Florian Rival
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